One of the most difficult concepts for me to help my clients understand is that your website is essentially the same thing as a physical store. Frequently the filmmakers, photographers, musicians and arts-based businesses I work with work out of their homes (or in the case of filmmakers and musicians, their cars), which means that the only thing that comes close to a “store front” for their prospective fans and clients is their website.

That means that before they pick up the phone and call you to schedule a meeting, before they click the ‘listen now’ button on your new single, or before they navigate over to your store to see what you have to offer, they will evaluate you based on your website.

Unfortunately, so many artists and arts-based businesses out there have websites they don’t like (and don’t serve them well) because they don’t really know what to do to make it better.

Sometimes they do know. Sometimes they know that the font on their website is too small. Or that their header image looks like it was made in Microsoft Paint. Or that their clunky old flash website doesn’t work on most mobile devices. Or that nothing drives people away like Comic Sans. Or that the fact that their website is one a black background almost completely invalidates what it says, because no one can read that for very long without going blind.

Sadly, as big as those problems might be, most artists and arts-based businesses are afraid to reach out to a designer because the consultation might cost money, or the fixes might be way too far outside the budget.

This is one of the biggest problems with being independent: your money is at a premium, so you’re incredibly careful about how you spend it.

This is a silly reason to have a crappy website, but it is a completely understandable one.

It also isn’t really something I can stand for, so in honour of February (the official month of love), and helping artists and arts-based businesses love their website again, I’m doing two things.

First, over the next two weeks the blog will be dedicated to things you can do to actually start to love your website again.

These are things that are actionable (especially if you have a WordPress site) that you can do yourself. As much as possible, I will walk you through them. In the cases where I can’t walk you through them (because those things represent a bigger change, I’ll give you the information you need to decide if you can afford to make it.) It’s like a consultation, only free, with no strings.

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I sincerely hope that this series of blog posts will help you love your website more, and I’m looking forward to sharing these things with you.